How To Cook On A Blackstone Griddle? Easy Tips for Beginners

Embarking on a culinary journey with a Blackstone Griddle opens up a universe of outdoor cooking possibilities, blending the traditional joy of grilling with the finesse of stovetop artistry. As the pinnacle of outdoor cooking equipment, the Blackstone Griddle has revolutionized the way we think about meals prepared under the open sky. Its broad, flat surface offers unparalleled versatility, enabling chefs of all skill levels to whip up everything from the quintessential American breakfast to gourmet dinners. This guide, crafted with both the novice and seasoned griddler in mind, is your all-access pass that shows you how to cook on a Blackstone Griddle.

Unique Features of the Blackstone Griddle

Blackstone griddles stand out for their:

  • Large stainless steel surface – More cooking space than the average grill, allowing you to prepare full meals with ease. The thick cold rolled steel gets hot and retains heat evenly.
  • Modular flat-top design – Unlike bulky smokers and grills, the griddle top sits securely on a frame with removable legs. This makes them lightweight and convenient to move or store.
  • Independent temperature zones – Dual burners allow you to adjust the front and back heat levels separately. This is key for controlling the doneness of different foods simultaneously.
  • Liquid propane fuel – More affordable and convenient than charcoal while still providing the BTUs needed for fast, powerful heating. The griddles are designed to channel heat directly upwards.

These core features allow home cooks to achieve professional-level cooking capabilities right in their backyard.

Diverse Models and Sizes

Diverse Models and Sizes

Blackstone offers several griddle sizes tailored to different needs:

  • 17″ Tabletop Griddle – Ultra-portable pick perfect for RV trips and camping thanks to its compact cooking surface.
  • 22″ Griddle – The smallest freestanding model with 260 sq in of space – ideal for small families or tight spaces.
  • 28″ Griddle – Their most popular mid-sized model boasting 470 sq in of cookable area. Big enough for larger gatherings.
  • 36” Griddle – Blackstone’s largest standard model with a massive 720 sq in surface – plus side shelves for prep space.
  • Accessories – Optional add-ons like cutting boards, grill covers, shelves and more to customize your configuration.

Consider your usual cooking load and storage space when selecting your ideal Blackstone griddle size.

Griddle vs Flat Top Grill

While often used interchangeably, griddles and flat top grills have some noteworthy differences:

  • Cooking Surface – Griddles feature an open flat plate while flat tops have steel grate-style plates more akin to a charbroil grill.
  • Direct Grease Flareups – Drippings fall through the grates onto burners with a flat top grill, frequently causing flareups. Griddles are mostly self-contained to minimize this.
  • Restaurant Lineage – Griddles take inspiration from commercial kitchens while flat tops are designed to mimic backyard charcoal grills.

Once you understand the nuances, you can decide which cooking functionality suits your needs best.

The Wide Range of Culinary Possibilities

Owning a Blackstone griddle opens up possibilities far beyond just classic barbecue fare. Here’s just a small sample of what you can cook:

  • Smash burgers, hot dogs, sausages
  • Steak, chicken, shrimp, fish
  • Stir fry, vegetable sautés
  • Quesadillas, grilled cheese
  • Pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns
  • Flatbreads, pizza
  • S’mores, grilled fruit

With the right tools and techniques, you can cook appetizers, mains, sides, and even desserts from breakfast through dinner.

How To Cook On A Blackstone Griddle?

  • Seasoning: Ensure your griddle is well seasoned before cooking to prevent sticking.
  • Accessories: Must-have accessories include all-purpose spatulas, a bench scraper, a melting dome, squirt bottles for water and oil, and a griddle cover.
  • Preheating: Preheat the griddle based on what you are cooking; for example, scrambled eggs require low heat for about 5 minutes, while steaks need longer preheating for a nice sear.
  • Turning On: Turn on the propane at the source and preheat the griddle burners after checking for leaks.
  • Maintenance: Regularly season your griddle top with oil to enhance the cooking experience and create a non-stick surface.

Essential Griddle Cooking Tools

Equipping your Blackstone with the right accessories will make cooking easier and more efficient:

  • Long handled spatulas – Essential for flipping and handling foods with ease. Go for strong, sturdy stainless steel.
  • Tongs – Retrieve and toss foods quickly with specially designed griddle tongs. Look for scalloped, coated edges.
  • Grill scrapers – Removes stuck-on bits and smoothens the cooking surface. Avoid abrasive pads or wire brushes.
  • Oil sprayer – Mist on a light coating to help prevent sticking.
  • Cleaning pads – Nylon pads help remove cooked-on residue without being too harsh during cleaning.

Invest in quality accessories made for the demands of flat-top grilling.

Advanced Cooking Techniques on a Blackstone Griddle

Ready to take your Blackstone skills to the next level? Try adopting these expert cooking techniques:

  • Zone cooking – Organize ingredients from least to most done for efficient multi-item cooking.
  • Smash cooking – Smash thin burger patties with a spatula for caramelization and juiciness.
  • Charring – Get perfect char marks on vegetables and proteins by searing briefly with a weighted spatula.
  • Flipping – Toss and flip foods cleanly using the wrist flick method.
  • Pressing – Use a spatula or press to flatten sandwiches, paninis and more.

Mastering these tricks will have you cooking like a seasoned flat top professional.

Maintenance and Aftercare

Maintenance and Aftercare

Simple habits like prompt cleaning and protective storage will keep your Blackstone performing like new for years:

  • Allow griddle to fully cool after each use before cleaning.
  • Scrub surface thoroughly with hot water – no soap needed.
  • Cover cooled surface lightly in oil before covering to prevent rusting.
  • Frequently remove and clean components like grease trays.
  • Invest in a weather-resistant cover if storing outdoors.
  • Consider optional griddle topper when not in use to minimize dust and debris.

Eco-Friendly Cooking Practices

While griddles inherently have environmental impacts, you can take steps to reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Only run your Blackstone as needed instead of letting it idle.
  • Allow grease to cool before disposing responsibly.
  • Use biodegradable paper towels and cleaners.
  • Recycle materials like metal, cardboard, plastic.
  • Maintain the griddle properly to maximize its lifespan.
  • Upgrade to an energy-efficient model when due for replacement.

Small tweaks help offset the impacts of owning a propane-powered appliance.

Healthy Cooking Options

A Blackstone griddle allows you to cook leaner and infuse flavor from seasonings, instead of butter and oils:

  • Opt for lean proteins like chicken, fish, and certain cuts of beef.
  • Roast, char, or grill veggies instead of deep frying for less oil.
  • Drain excess fat from meat before cooking.
  • Rub or mist foods with oil instead of soaking in it.
  • Skip butter-drenched toast and grill lean sandwich bread.
  • Season generously with herbs, spices, vinegar, citrus.

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